Thursday, July 19, 2012

14 Weeks- Second Trimester!!!!! Back up plan for your pump!

I have finally hit the second trimester!! YAY!! The nausea is still in full force though, not letting up as of yet! I met with my diabetes doctors today and they think that everything is going really well. They are happy with my sugars. I am still having to fuss with some basals, but overall I've been in really good control. I think I am getting close to the point though where I will start wanting to wear my CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor). I know insulin resistance will be happening soon.

We saw the heartbeat again today, but the baby was facing away so we couldn't hear it, hopefully we'll be able to do that within a couple of weeks! For now, it's still staying on top of my sugars and a vacation! Can't wait!

I realized this week the importance of having a back up plan for my insulin pump. When I go on vacation Animas is great in giving me a vacation loaner. One time on vacation my pump didn't make it through a mild depth of water and I didn't have a back up plan in place. I spent the last 2 days of my vacation on fast acting insulin and having to wake up to test every 2-3 hours!  This week my pump blanked out on me for no reason what so ever! I had just changed the battery the day before, so maybe it was a bad battery? As a result of this it reminded me to talk to my doctor. They called me in a prescription of Novolog so in case of an emergency, I'll be prepared! At least for now I have my back up pump, so now I just have to write my basals down somewhere for a back up record!

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