Thursday, October 25, 2012

28 Weeks: Growth Ultra Sound, Rhogam and More Resistance

Had our 28 week Ultra Sound today and she's growing well! With Type 1's they are concerned the baby will get to be too big if sugars are not controlled, but my doctor told me that a lot of Type 1's end up having smaller babies. Well as of today we're measuring in the 73%. I asked my doctor if I should be concerned and she said no, it's actually great where we are at since most Type 1's tend to have smaller babies as mentioned. So that made me feel better. I've been doing my best to keep good control with my sugars and if the baby was larger because of my diabetes, I don't feel that I could make my sugars any better at this time to change that.

Insulin resistance is just getting more and more every couple of days. I was told to expect this until about 34 weeks and then it should level out a bit. We'll see what happens! Right now I'm on anywhere from 15-25 more units Per Day than normal and having to change my inset 1-2 times a day! Sometimes they just don't seem to work so I change it.

My blood type is O Negative so I have to have a shot of Rhogam today. I didn't see any affects on my blood sugars from the Rhogam.

I'm still battling morning sickness and think it will stick with me throughout the pregnancy! I take my Zofran every day, which doesn't affect my sugars, but makes me feel much better! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

26 Weeks: Failing Insets, Travel & Eye Problems

26 weeks brings the need for more and more insulin and having to change my inset almost EVERY day! One of the reasons I got on the pump was so that I didn't have to poke myself with a needle every day, but this is what this stage of pregnancy brings. With my first pregnancy I had to do it starting at about 17 weeks, and this one it's just starting now. I did realize that sometimes I wasn't be patient enough and giving the insulin time to work, which is probably why I changed it more often before....but now at 26 weeks it's becoming necessary for me.

We just got back from a babymoon to Mexico! It was awesome! Not too hard to control my sugars abroad. But it was very hot and humid, therefore I experienced some painful water retention. I didn't realize what it was until I got back. My calves were HUGE and I felt like I pulled a lot of muscles in them. My face was also slightly swollen as well. I've been drinking a bunch of water which has helped with the water retention as well.

My back has been starting to really hurt. Traveling on an airplane and with airport delays it was no fun. I'm going to a Chiropractor and Physical Therapist too. I am going to do some acupuncture as well. I had issues during my last delivery with my back and want to prevent them as much as possible if I can. 

Eyes- since last week I have noticed some blurriness in my left eye. As I drove today and it covered briefly my eye I freaked out and went to the eye doctor. I was worried because I'm type 1 and pregnant. My doctor told me my eyes could get worse in pregnancy. He told me today though what he see's is the residual blood left over from when my eyes bled before when I was doing fertility treatments. It was such a great relief to know that it wasn't anything new! After all the back issues I've been dealing with , I didn't want to have to deal with that too. They said it can take anywhere from 2 months to a REALLY long time for it to go away....let's just hope it goes away on it's own!

Next growth scan is in 2 weeks!! I'm looking forward to that....and then maybe after that I'll start ordering some baby furniture! :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

24 Weeks....HBA1C and Growth Scan

Ahh, as I threw up today in Bed Bath and Beyond, I was once again reminded that I need to continue to take my Zofran. Morning sickness has not left me yet....urgh. I guess it just is what it is. It's just hard when it hits at all the inopportune moments! LOL

24 weeks and one day last week we had a growth ultra sound. It went well! She is measuring in the 61%. I'm not worried that she is over 50% because my first daughter was around the same range. She came out at 7lbs 3oz.

I got my A1C done last week too.....4.9%!!! I said to the doc, "You're Shitting Me?!?!" wow!! (lol, I didn't mean for that to come out!)  I was expecting a 6.0-6.5%, but I guess I've been doing better than I thought. Insulin resistance is kicking in even more though. I'm having to change my inset once every two days at minimum now and sometimes once a day. There are more and more consistent changes with my basals happening now too.

Babymoon! Off for a surprise destination babymoon this week! My husband keeps telling me to pack my to the South Pole! haha. I have a feeling it's really somewhere warm though so I think I'll risk it and pack a swim suit! :)