Friday, December 28, 2012

37 Weeks..ECV and Hospital Prep for Induction

Right after 36 weeks we went for our last growth ultra measuring 6 lbs 10oz! Not too bad! 60th percentile. I was fearful because of the diabetes that she might be really big, and already being breech, they would just schedule a C-Section.

Last Christmas Eve was a big day for us! We went to the hospital for the External Cephalic Version (ECV) and it was successful!!! Amazing! The baby had been breech for so long. We had anti-natal testing yesterday and thus far she is still head down! Fingers crossed that she stays that way! The ECV was a lot of pressure.....but I have good amniotic fluid levels, so I know that helped her to turn. I had my husband video it too. It's really cool to see! You can see her flip from the outside! A lot of people told me how horribly uncomfortable it was so I was scared, but in the end, child birth is much worse, so I could handle it.

I see my insulin requirements dropping once again. I don't know if this is because the placenta is not having to work as hard?

I had a sit down with the diabetes nurse in labor and delivery a couple of weeks ago to go over what my insulin requirements will be if and when I go on an insulin drip in the delivery room. After my first delivery I was not happy with the generic form they used to decide how much insulin I would get every hour and for corrections of my blood sugar. Every Type 1 is at different levels by the end of their pregnancy and I want to make sure those insulin levels will work for me so I'm not running high like I was last time. This time I am choosing to be in more control of my sugars than last time. It was better that the nurses, doctors and I agreed on this ahead of time instead of trying to fight them in the hospital. I wanted to make sure I was very clear how things will be handled with me and my diabetes. I feel more comfortable going into the induction now.

This Sunday is the BIG Day! We are going in for an amnio to see if the babies lungs are mature. If they are they will induce labor that day! If not, they will give me a shot of steroids to mature the lungs and then induce labor 2 days later. I'm hoping for a "natural" delivery as opposed to a c-section, but you never know what might happen!

Here's to a great end of the year, a near end of our fertility journey and to an amazing 2013!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

35 weeks- Placenta has kicked back in and ECV

After thinking my placenta was plateauing, it sure has kicked back in! I am definitely at a 1:2 carb ratio for breakfast now (before pregnancy I was at 1:10) and lunch and dinner I am 1:4 and 1:5 +2. It's crazy how quickly it happened too!

I have realized that I have to be very careful with what I eat. I ate white pasta one evening this week and another night a regular crust pizza (2 small pieces) and my blood sugars were elevated for so many hours after!! It took 6+ hours these nights for sugars to come once again I will not be eating these items during pregnancy. I hadn't had them at all and thought I'd give them a try. BAD idea. I have had whole wheat pasta and thin crust pizza a couple of times and those didn't affect me nearly as bad. So I can refrain for another couple of weeks.:)

My Exterbak Cephalic Version (ECV) is scheduled for next Monday the 24th of Dec. I regretfully "Dr. Googled" the procedure and now I am more fearful to go into it. I have a growth U/S on Thurs and an appointment with my doctor so I will ask them about the risks. It sounds so uncomfortable too!!! I'm just hoping she will flip on her own first. Say a prayer for me!! (thanks!) I am wondering if I will have to take out my insulin pump too? I hate that I am having to change my inset every day now. It is so hard and sometimes so painful to find a good spot that works. Maybe due to the increased blood in my body, my insets are making me bleed much more often and I am bruising more on my stomach. It gets frustrating. Sometimes I have to use 4 insets just to get one that feels right and good nowadays. Ouch!

Looking forward to Thursday to see how big this little one might be!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

34 Weeks- Insulin Plateauing and Breech Baby

34 weeks along! I can't believe it. My insulin needs have been plateauing over the past week, which is something that I do not remember from my first pregnancy. My doctors say that my placenta is realizing that it's job is almost done, so it's not requiring as many hormones, therefore as much insulin. I've actually had to back off a bit on my basal rates. I don't know if it will continue or not??

I got my last A1C back....4.8%! I was pleasantly surprised!! I have had some lows, but not a lot. The doctors see my numbers every week and have been very happy with them! I have had few high numbers and if it is elevated, I get it down very quickly. I will change my inset if I don't see a change within an hour usually...or if my sugar rises. But overall I'm happy with that result! I guess the testing 20 times a day (ouch! lol) is paying off:)

And now the little one is Breech....;/ she has 2 weeks to turn before they do an external version. This is where they will try to turn the baby from the outside of my stomach. If it doesn't work, they will schedule a c-section. On the day of the c-section they will give me a spinal tap and then try to turn her one more time. If it works, they will induce natural labor (vaginal delivery) and if not, they will proceed with the c-section. I'm praying that she turns on her own! Until then, I'm visiting the chiropractor and acupuncturist to help. Fingers crossed!