Thursday, July 5, 2012

12 weeks and Nuchal Translucency Ultra Sound

Today I am 12 weeks 1 day and we had our Nuchal Translucency Ultra Sound! Everything looks good so far!!:) Our at risk numbers for Downs Syndrome was 1 in 19,000 and for Trisomy 18 (the more severe form of Downs Syndrome was 1 in 100,000. This doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but as of right now the risk is very low.

At 11 weeks I finally stopped my Endometrin. I was only taking it once a day at that point, but the doctors said they were confident that the placenta was producing enough hormones so that I no longer needed to supplement the progesterone. I was hoping that when I stopped that some of my nasuea would ease up, but that hasn't been the case. I am still sick to my stomach every day. The days I haven't thrown up it it is because I was able to take my Zofran in time to help with the symptoms. Everyone says that hopefully this will feel better in a couple weeks. I don't think the Zofran has had any affect on my blood sugars which is good.

My sugars have been excellent though my insulin requirements have still dropped more. I had to reduce my basals .5 all round for a 24 hour period. I was having too many lows so I called my doctor and we made adjustments. Overall though, everything is going really well with my diabetes. I have an eye appt next week to see how they are doing since I had some bleeding in my viterous (the gel in the eye) This bleeding started I noticed when I was taking hormone I'm hoping that pregnancy will not make it worse. (I don't know for sure if the hormone supplements caused doctor said no, but it was always around the time I was taking them)
I had about 3-4 ruptures in a 8 month period. I had to have laser done twice. It is not fun!!
The only thing they said I can do to control them is to control my sugars so that I what I am trying to do. Pregnancy is hard on the eyes so I will just have to keep in close contact with my doctor so hopefully I won't have to have more laser done in my eye during pregnancy. 

I can already feel the baby move! I swear that since 11 weeks I have felt the baby moving already! This is probably because it is my 2nd pregnancy. When we saw the baby in the Ultra Sound day it was super active so I'm not surprised if I'm feeling  a little something!

Next step...the eye doctor. I will let you know how that goes in just over a week!

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