Wednesday, July 11, 2012

13 weeks! The dreaded "C" Word!!

I am 13 weeks today! I am starting to wonder if my nausea is starting to subside, or if it's just in my head. Sometimes you I throwing up just because I'm thinking about it, hence making myself, or is it really my body? I would never intentionally make myself...but you can't help but have these feelings sometimes.

I have been dealing (sorry if TMI for some, but that is what this blog is about, right?)....the "C" word....Constipation!! It's been so bad that I've talked to my doctor and they have me taking Colace 100mg 2x a day and 1 Miralax a day. I hate having to take something, but being so uncomfortable is so much worse. The stool has just be so hard that I'm needing something to soften everything. I think it's  a result of 1) Pregnancy...digestion is much slower and 2) the Zofran I'm having to take for nausea.

When my symptoms start to go away I have to say I freak out a bit though! I'm like is everything still Ok??? I can't help this feeling since last time we lost the pregnancy at 9 weeks. I'm doing my best to stay positive though and to not read into every little thing....though it's kinda hard sometimes.

My blood sugars are still seeing some lows so I've reduced my basals slightly more, but as a result i'm seeing numbers a little higher than I'd waking up at 138 this morning, so I've readjusted. Before I was waking up in the 60's or 70's so now I need to find a happy medium! I am finding that if I eat more starchy or fatty foods at night that my sugars are a little higher (138) and if not I'm a little lower. It's such a balancing act sometimes and it can be frustrating!

Next week my 14 week appt before I'm off to Hawaii for a week! :)Til then:)


  1. hmm your comment about the starchy foods made me wonder if thats the reason by BGs have been high after breakfast recently-- I had switched from oatmeal to half a high-fiber english muffin , same # carbs but...??!!!

  2. I found that I had to eliminate most carbs in the AM. I never thought I had an issue with things like cereals and starches before for breakfast, but even after pregnancy I recently had some Rice based cereal and my sugars were SO HIGH afterwards.I was shocked! I found in pregnancy that light yogurt was a great option for me for breakfast.