Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Low Follicle Count:(

Today is day 6 of my injectable medications. I had an Ultra Sound with the doctor this morning and have to say that I was a little disheartened by what I was told. There were only 3 follicles on my left ovary and 1 follicle on my right! I went in thinking that I'm 33 years old, I'll have like 12! Um..no. Even the doctor agreed that this is a little disappointing. So then I asked him, "Well that means there are at least 4 eggs, right?" And his response was No. There are usually about 70% of the follicles that actually contain an egg. Even more disheartening! What if we get only a few and they don't grow? What if they don't grow at all and I don't end up even having a retrieval after all that we have started? There are so many "What If's?"...but the reality of it is that I just need 1! But having more would make one feel that the odds of it working were more in their favor...

Why am I not reacting well to the medications??....the doctor says that this is most likely because of my higher FSH and my past Endometriosis. I'll go back in two days for another ultra sound....Also he is not having me start the Lovenox yet, but making me wait another 2 days. As a result, he says I can exercise another couple of days!! Sweet! Blood sugars are staying in good control thus far!:) My CGM has been a great help in this:) I'll have to wait and see what happens when the medications are switched on me later this week!

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