Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Weeks...High fastings & Induction Date Set

I can't believe I'm already at 30 weeks! It's been slow, yet fast at the same time. I have a little kick boxer in training moving around in there! I'm slowly starting to get more and more excited! The baby is definitely sitting low and causing me more discomfort this time. Sleep is getting harder too...which is to be expected! Still having to take my Zofran Every day.....

The doctors think I've been doing really well with my sugars, sometimes even being too hard on myself. I've only had a few numbers in the 200's. I've definitely had high 100's, but they don't seem as concerned about them as I do. They tell me they get more concerned with people whose sugars are in teh 200's-300's and they don't correct right away. I think the most difficult time of day for me is the AM. I've been waking with a high fasting for the past week or two. I usually catch it and correct right away, but I get super frustrated. More probably because I can't find the right pattern in my sugars to correct it overnight. I usually test around 2am and 5am and then when I wake between 7-9am. I've been low and higher at different times throughout the night so without being able to find a pattern, all I can do is the consistent testing to stay on top of it. Frustrating!!

My pump was having problems over the weekend so I had to get a replacement sent to me overnight on Monday. I would change the battery and the screen wouldn't come back on! I checked the batteries and they were all good. Thankfully it came back on again and I didn't have to switch to my Lantus backup. I've Never done Lanus so I had to call my doctors and figure out what my emergency plan would be just in case. Thankfully I didn't take that route!

An induction date has been set! It's funny, it's almost like calling up to order a pizza delivery. LOL "Yes, this date, this time please"...woo hoo! So my 37 weeks when they would like to induce me is the day after we pushed it out a few days to Dec 30th! I will go in and they will do an amnio to see if the lungs are developed...if not, I get a shot of steroids and stay in the hospital and have them induce me 2 days later. If the lungs are ready they will induce me that day!

Sugar Mommas!! The Type 1 moms group that I started will meet again this weekend. Very exciting! You can find us on Facebook if you're local and would ever like to join!

My Anti-Natal testing starts soon! 2 more weeks and a growth ultra sound right before Thanksgiving!!

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