Friday, November 23, 2012

32 weeks and Anti Natal Testing begins

The insulin resistance continues! At the end of my last pregnancy I was at a 1:3 carb ratio and now it's slowly creeping upwards and I'm only 32 weeks! I'm at about a 1:3 +1 carb ratio in the am now. The rest of the day isn't as bad, about a 1:6-1:8. But my fasting sugars have been a really big issue. I keep waking up between 140-170. The doctors and I have upped my basals, which will do me great for 1 or 2 mornings, then I'm up again. My sugars are decent the rest of the day. The doctors don't ever seem freaked out (though I do a bit)....they think I'm doing a great job. I guess they see more diabetics in pregnancy than I have experience with, so all I can do to relax about it is trust them. I used to be at a .950 in the morning about 5am for my basal rate. I am currently at 1.7!! It's crazy how insulin resistant pregnancy can make you! My correction has doubled in the am too!

So we had our 32 week growth Ultra Sound on far so good, but a Big baby!! She's averaging in the 77th percentile! Already 5.3 lbs! Her head and abdomen are in the 95th percentile!!! The doctors don't look at those numbers, but the overall average they told me. She's also currently Breech so let's hope that she turns within the next 4 weeks! Turn baby Turn!:) I don't know how I feel right now about a C-Section......

When I left the doctors office I was more nervous and freaked out rather than excited. That seems like a BIG baby to me! My Endo office called later and they said it was totally fine after the numbers I told them. They baby's size is not diabetes related. So during Thanksgiving yesterday I asked my family how big all the babies family makes BIG babies!! LOL. We range from 8 lbs to 10 lbs 5 oz!! So she's right on track!

My Anti-Natal testing starts next week and I will go twice a week until I deliver. This really makes me feel like I'm getting into the home stretch! I know I won't be completely comfortable and relaxed though until she's here in my arms. The anti natal testing will monitor and track the heart rate, contractions and movements of the baby.

Not too much longer...soon my fingers will get a break from the 15-20x+ a day of testing!! But it will have all been worth it!

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