Thursday, October 25, 2012

28 Weeks: Growth Ultra Sound, Rhogam and More Resistance

Had our 28 week Ultra Sound today and she's growing well! With Type 1's they are concerned the baby will get to be too big if sugars are not controlled, but my doctor told me that a lot of Type 1's end up having smaller babies. Well as of today we're measuring in the 73%. I asked my doctor if I should be concerned and she said no, it's actually great where we are at since most Type 1's tend to have smaller babies as mentioned. So that made me feel better. I've been doing my best to keep good control with my sugars and if the baby was larger because of my diabetes, I don't feel that I could make my sugars any better at this time to change that.

Insulin resistance is just getting more and more every couple of days. I was told to expect this until about 34 weeks and then it should level out a bit. We'll see what happens! Right now I'm on anywhere from 15-25 more units Per Day than normal and having to change my inset 1-2 times a day! Sometimes they just don't seem to work so I change it.

My blood type is O Negative so I have to have a shot of Rhogam today. I didn't see any affects on my blood sugars from the Rhogam.

I'm still battling morning sickness and think it will stick with me throughout the pregnancy! I take my Zofran every day, which doesn't affect my sugars, but makes me feel much better! :)

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