Thursday, September 6, 2012

21 Weeks....No More Cereal!?! (Lost Emails too...)

And the insulin resistance continues! I must have talked to my doctor 3 times over the past week alone! It is crazy and amazing how one little placenta can cause so much ruckus! My carb ratios have gone down from 1:10 in the morning starting in pregnancy, to now 1:6! And I was instructed very clearly by my doctors today, "No More Cereal" for breakfast! Are you kidding me?!?!?! I've been having a cup to cup and a half a day in the morning and LOVE my plain cereal! LOL. I told them I did a cup of Cherrios a day in my last pregnancy and they told me that if they knew that they would have told me to stop it then too. I had no idea! So now, I must have more protein in the morning *sigh*. If I weren't such a picky eater, this wouldn't be an issue at all...and I don't mind the scrambled egg here and there, but I can't do that every day either....BORING. My good friend is going through Gestational Diabetes in her pregnancy right now, so she's just controlling it with diet. She is telling me how bored she is getting with certain foods too, so I think I'm about to find out what she's talking about! haha.

Overall the doctors said my sugars are looking great though. I may have 3-4 hours where my sugars won't come down, but I'm continually on top of it and working to get it down as quickly as possible. Sometimes my hormones just won't allow it to be as quick as I would like. I'm sure they'll check my A1C again soon, but they feel that it will be great since I'm on top of all of my high sugars.

I'm still having to take Zofran every day. The doctors insist though that it will have no effect on my what can I say, I'm not a doctor, I'll just trust them.

The baby is on the move! This little one seems to be doing flips in there! Which is awesome! I feel her move a lot more than my first pregnancy. 

EMAILS!! So thinking that most people would leave comments here instead of emailing, I have Not been good at reading emails sent to my account listed here on the site. I do apologize to the sweet people who reached out to me with such kind words. I do PROMISE to be more consistent about reading and responding!! If anyone wants to talk about anything I've discussed in my blog posts or just share their story or ask questions, please feel free to reach out to me! I look forward to hearing from you:) xo

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