Friday, August 24, 2012

18 & 19 weeks Pregnant, Insulin Resistance and...IT's A .........!!!

GIRL!!! We are so excited to welcome another little girl into our family! At the 18 week Scan we did a fetal echo cardiogram and that turned out great as well as the scan of all the organs. I don't have to go back for 6 weeks for another ultra sound.

And now we're at 19 weeks and starting to see some insulin resistance! I finally got a chance to talk to the doctor today and she said that it is totally normal to see more insulin resistance in your Second pregnancy. I didn't know that. She said it can come on as early at 20-22 weeks. I'm 19 and 2 days right now, so I'm close enough to fall into that timeline. I remember being on a 1:3 carb ratio at the end of my first pregnancy...if it's going to be worse this time, I can't even imagine how much insulin I will be on in the near future! I started out at a 1:10 carb ratio in the am and I am now at a 1:7 and I have had to raise my basals starting at 2am until 12pm. I've only had a few sugars in the 200's, but when I saw my highest today at 260 after breakfast I did freak out a bit. I know there is nothing I can do but give myself a shot and adjust my insulin levels. I am not making this adjustment after seeing ONE high sugar, but have noticed a steady increase over a period of a week. I never make adjustments with my insulin unless I have seen a pattern for 3 days or more. I have also see some higher sugars in the evening time and only made a mild adjustment. We will see what the weeks to come have for me!

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