Monday, January 30, 2012

Inset Sensitivity and Starting Other Hormones Soon

Ahh Inset this is not something that I had not thought about when deciding to do IVF, but I should have! So last week I started the Ganirelix as I mentioned before. On these days, I noticed that I was having more Insulin Pump Inset sensitivity. But I didn't realize this until after I stopped taking the injections. On the 3 days that I was required to give myself these medicines, I had to change my inset injection site anywhere from 2-4 times (each day). The area was red more quickly and the insulin seemed to burn as it was administered into my body. Now I can't say that I haven't had this feeling before, but change it once and it was fine. Last Friday I had to change it 4 times! One of the times was at 4am because my stomach burned and stung so badly where the inset was, that it actually woke me up out of a sound sleep. Now if this is all coincidence, I don't know, but after stopping the Ganirelix, I haven't had as many issues.  I would say that overall I am noticing my inset sites getting more red and looking more irritated more quickly. Hormones do tend to make me more sensitive so this probably explains it. Just for example, if it's that time of the month or when I'm ovulating, Acupuncture is so much more uncomfortable for me! I'm much more sensitive when the needles go in.

I am still doing Acupuncture with herbs and taking the Estrace. I started my cycle last Saturday. I called into the doctors office as instructed and they let me know that my next appointment to come see them will be this Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012. I will then start all of my other injectable medications beginning Thursday Feb 2, 2012. This is also when I will start taking the Steroid Dexamethasone. Now I know this will cause me some insulin resistance, but I am not sure to what extent, so we will see!

I have been wearing my CGM since last week. (It's been driving me nuts sometimes!) It's still the issue of being outside the 20% variable. If the CGM says I'm 95 and my meter tells me 70, that is such a big difference in regards to how I would treat each one of those sugar levels! I am always double checking with my meter now, just to make sure I'm not over doing something one way or another.  I have seen some spikes in my sugars here and there over the past week, but nothing that I would 100% blame on the medications. I do think they have some effect, but not a great amount yet.

Ohhh exercise....*sigh* exercise has not been a close friend of mine over the past week either. I had planned to work out like a Mad Woman before I'm told that I can't exercise anymore. But let's face it, I'm trying to "live it up" before I lock myself down with all these medications and especially before I get pregnant:) Last social outings with cocktails or wine....last times where I'm not measuring out my foods or reading every single label before I put something in my mouth. When I was pregnant before I would carry a carbohydrate book around with me and or always look things up on my phone. Also, another reason I am not exercising is that I am tired. It may be the weather or it might be the fact that it was such a stressful decision to decide to do IVF, that now we are 100% in it, but body just said, "No More Right Now Brookie". I know I'll hit the gym at least one more time tomorrow or the day after though!

So as I have my appointments and I start my shots, I will keep track of how I feel and how my sugars are's almost time to start! Wish us luck! :)

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