Monday, January 23, 2012

Pump, CGM and First Meds! enjoyable weekend, full of good company and some last good cocktails!! Even though the doctors office said I can have a couple of glasses of wine until the retrival, that most likely won't be the case. And I'm hoping that the no cocktail thing will be what's happening for the next 10 months at least! :)

My Animas Insulin pump I wear all the time so it's ready to go. I'm charging my Dexcom CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and will set that up for myself this evening. And the meds are all ready to go. I have to be honest...I'm not so excited about putting on the CGM quite yet. The inaccuracies with the numbers are sometimes so frustrating (outside of the standard 20% variable), that I'd just rather not wear it. But with the "Trend" arrows that it has, that makes it worth wearing. I can see if my sugars are consistent, on a slight increase or decline, or on a rapid increase or decline. I can also set high and low alarms so I know when I'm going out of a certain range. For this reason, I will definitely wear it. I did not have this advantage in my first pregnancy.

I'm starting my first medications tomorrow! So the main stimulation medications do not begin until next week. Right now I am in Calendar #1 of my plan. This means I start certain medications before my monthly cycle. The first medication I begin with tomorrow is Estrace. (orally 2x per day) Now I have to be honest....each medicine that they will have me taking I will be having to look up in some sort of Dictionary or Encyclopedia....(do those still exist!?) Or let's face;) Now how it is going to help me, I have NO CLUE....cause everything I read online says it has something to do with Menopause or Vaginal dryness....ummm....definitely not in either category! I'm only 33 and don't have the other issue:) I guess the main purpose is to help maintain the endometrial lining? (I am NOT a I don't know for sure)....But this is where I don't know if the medicine will start effecting my blood sugars or no? The day after i start the Estrace I begin Ganirelix. This is medication that will be shots in the AM for 3 days before my cycle...and then 3 more later. What I know about this is that it has something to do with Ovarian stimulation. Once again...I'm not sure if this will effect my sugars or not? I will keep close track of this over the next few days. We're keeping positive thoughts as we know this is the right and best next steps in our attempt to have another child!:)

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