Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Journey Continues

After failed IVF 2 months ago, we have decided to move forward with other fertility options now. We had a nice couple of much needed breaks between the failed IVF and what we will be starting now.  (2 mini vacations) My cycles have been a little bit off. The first month it was as if my body was trying to ovulate, but it didn't happen for sure and my period was lighter. The second cycle after I ovulated 3 days earlier than normal and got my period 1 week sooner! (We definitely have been trying on our own too!) This has caused me some insulin resistance as well. 2 days before my last period started my sugars were running much higher in the evening and I couldn't figure out why!?!? And then the light bulb went off when I finally got my period. It was early so I didn't put two and two together at first!

I have to say I honestly haven't been as diligent with my blood sugars lately, but they haven't been bad. I just was sick in the middle of everything and experienced some insulin resistance with that and the fact that I couldn't exercise during this time. I'm getting back on track though!

So what's next? Fertility drugs with an IUI. Since I didn't respond well last time to the stim meds (only 3 follicles, this time I will be going on only 1 shot  a day of Gonal F instead of 2 and I won't be taking Menopur. They won't be trying to control my cycle as much, but just try to produce eggs and then do an IUI where the sperm will be placed closer to the eggs. They said I will have a 300% better chance doing this rather than trying on our own. The IUI is better because if I am producing less eggs, it is better to keep them in their own environment they tell me. Tomorrow will be day 3 of my cycle so I will go in for my first Ultra Sound and start medication tomorrow night as long as I don't have any cysts on my ovaries. We'll see how it goes! Staying positive:) Will we every do IVF again? I don't know. Right now it just doesn't feel like the right option so we're doing IUI. The doctors say to absolutely do what we can to help us along now, so we're doing it!

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